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Alaska Money Saving Ideas:

Have Friends To Your Place Instead Of Spending Money Going "OUT"

Entertaining at home is almost always less expensive than going out. Have some friends over for a Barbeque or a dish to pass meal. Afterward, have drinks, enjoy a bonfire or play a game together like cards. Everyone will have a good time and your out of pocket cost will be lower than spending money at a restaurant or other establishment. Friends will likely reciprocate and invite you over as well.

Cash Loans in Alaska

Eat Less Meat

Compared to vegetables and fruits, meat is more expensive for the value you get out of it nutritionally. If you were to change meal proportions to include more fruits and vegetables instead of meats (for example having a smaller steak and a bigger side of broccoli) you'll find it's not only a healthier way to eat, but also less expensive in the long run.

Learn About All Of The Benefits Offered From Your Job

Most people don't take the time to learn about all of the benefits available to them by their employer. Take the time to visit your HR person to find out about all of the benefits available through your job. You might be surprised at how many benefits you may have been missing out on. Many larger employers offer employee assistance benefits, legal benefits, financial assistance benefits and even fun benefits such as free tickets to sporting events. Take advantage of everything your employer can benefit you as it will save you money in the long run.

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