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Arkansas Money Saving Ideas:

Encourage Your Friends To Do Less Expensive Things With You

Friend groups often have many people which come from varying different lifestyles so sometimes it's hard to get everyone on the same page. Try to be the first person in your group of friends to suggest doing something. That gives you leverage to "play up" the activity and get the rest of your friends psyched about doing the cheaper activity. If you can convince many of your friends to hop on board, it's more likely that the rest of your friends will also join in - and will likely have a great time spending time with the rest of the gang regardless of the activity.

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If You Must Eat Meat...

Buy meats when they get reduced & freeze them. Ask your grocery store butcher what day of the week they reduce. All grocery stores reduce the price of meat (and produce) simply because it is getting close to expiration. However, you're going to freeze it anyway, so it won't matter!

It Never Hurts To Ask To Waive Fees

Whenever you sign up for anything that has an advertised service charge or sign up fee, ask if it can be waived. Sometimes these fees are flexible and will be waived. You'll save money simply for asking.

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