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Kentucky installment loans online for people with bad credit up to $500. No credit OK and no faxing required. Get cash in your account by next business day. Know in seconds if you are processed and you could receive a loan offer from one of our direct lenders that services Kentucky. From Louisville to Lexington to Owensboro.

Kentucky Bad Credit Loans From $100 - $500

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Kentucky Financial Tips and Ideas:

1. Credit Cards are For Emergencies:
Having credit cards is mainly for purchasing needed items or things you cannot pay in cash like gadgets, machines, appliances, grocery items, and gas. Credit cards are not meant to buy designer clothes and more shoes to add to your growing collection. Keep your plastic at home, in a safe place. Do not put them in your wallet where you can easily reach them for a purchase. Just be ready with a small amount of cash for emergency purposes. You can use them once you're confident enough not to use them on a whim or a surprise shopping spree which can easily go out of hand.

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2. Smart Shopping - Compare Prices
If you regularly go to a grocery store in your neighborhood because it is the closest one to you, you might want to look for alternative stores. Widen your range to a few blocks and compare the prices. You might find out that the ones nearest to you have higher prices than the ones a few streets away. Sacrifice the walking part to save money. It is healthy to walk at least 30 minutes every day so use that as a motivation to reach the store with affordable items. You may see your savings after a few trips to that store and you may never get tired of going there again.

Kentucky Installment Loans $500

If you live in Kentucky and could use $500 sent to your account by the next business day then we may be able to help. We have direct lenders waiting to process your installment loan application. If we can match you with a lender you will quickly receive a loan offer.

3. Avoid Stress Spending
Some people have the urge to splurge and buy stuff because they are stressed or in an intense situation in their lives. This is a momentary solution with negative results to your budget. If you get stressed out, de-stress in other ways like spending a quiet time alone, meditating, or just surround yourself with your loved ones and not material things. These things might be pretty to look at, but your spending would not look at all attractive come end of the month when bills start to come in. Material things may not make you feel better, you may end up feeling more stressed when your funds are dwindling. Kentucky has a ton of things to do that will help you wind down and relax.

Traditional Lending Options in Kentucky:

South Central Bank

3001 Alvey Park Dr W
Owensboro, KY
(270) 691-0919

Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky

2001 Pleasant Ridge Dr
Lexington, KY
(859) 543-4000

Peoples Exchange Bank

3101 Clays Mill Rd
Lexington, KY
(859) 219-0228

Stock Yards Bank & Trust

1040 E Main St
Louisville, KY
(502) 625-1790 is a directory to help you find a lender, not an actual lender. Please choose from one of the Kentucky lenders on this page or submit the application to see if we can match you with a lender ready to fund your loan.