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Wisconsin installment loans online for people with bad credit. no credit OK and no faxing necessary. Get up to $500 cash in your account by next business day. Know instantly if you are processed. From Madison to Green Bay to Milwaukee.

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Money Saving Tips for the Fine People of Wisconsin:

1. Follow Traffic Rules
Razors are a necessity for men. Men need to shave almost every day, some more than others; that is why a razor is also an investment. Choose razors that are simple but durable and less costly. Avoid getting those that have other features that you won't need in shaving. You need to do one thing with your beard, and that is to shave it with a razor, not to beautify it with all these added functions that you can find in your razor. You just need a fine sharp blade to do the job for you and you may be set for the day.

2. Use Cards That Get You Cash Back
Take advantage of the cashback programs of your credit cards. These cashback promotions may help you in your savings. Having to get some cash back as you spend for your necessities a great feature given by several credit card companies. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage as well depending on the spender. If you spend because you can get some cash back, then it is not going to help you save at all. If you get cash backs because of your spending on your necessities, then this it is going to work for you. Just make sure you pay more than your monthly due in order to save on interest.

Wisconsin Installment Loans for People with Bad Credit

3. Pay Your Loans One Month in installment loan
If you have extra cash, make sure to overpay your loans for one month, at least. Doing this may help you lower your payoff amount. Since loans are mostly done on a per day basis or a "Simple Interest" computation where the overall amount to pay it off is based on the interest gained from computing the current amount and the number of days in a year, you may save when you overpay. Being overpaid for a few months, or even one can offset the payoff amount to a lower one that may make it easier for you to pay it off.

Traditional Lending Options in Wisconsin:

PyraMax Bank

318 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 238-2952 

The Equitable Bank

2290 N Mayfair Rd
Wauwatosa, WI
(414) 476-6434

PCM Credit Union

601 mayard Dr
Green Bay, WI
(920) 499-2831

Baylake Bank

920 S Huron Rd
Green Bay, WI
(920) 468-2500

Capitol Bank

710 N High Point Rd
Madison, WI
(608) 836-1616

Park Bank Center

1815 Greenway Cross
Madison, WI
(608) 278-2801

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