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Financial Tips – Mississippi:

Play The Dinner Game.
At least one night per week, plan to make dinner with only what you have in your pantry. To make it even more fun, choose something from the back of the cabinet, like that can of black beans or artichokes, and plan something that incorporates those ingredients. The idea is to use up those things that might otherwise go to waste because they are such pantry outliers. This saves money by getting you into the habit of “making do” with what is on hand, and learning to add less to your grocery list each week.

Ditch memberships that make no sense.
Do you have a gym membership that you use only a few times a month? How about a membership to a book of the month club that you have no time to indulge in? Look at the memberships you have and determine which ones you can cut out. For instance, you might want to keep the YMCA membership for the kids if they go there every afternoon for homework help, but do you really need one if you rarely set foot in the door?

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Plan Out A Grocery List.
Those who go shopping without a list spend a great deal more money than those who have a list prepared before they walk in the door. So plan out those menus, make a list, and stick to it. Don’t venture into any aisles that aren’t on your list, and even avoid the clearance racks. Sticking to the list makes sure that you buy only what you need and nothing more, and you can be proud of the money you saved by avoiding all those temptations that were vying for your attention.

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Remove Your Credit Card Numbers From Online Accounts.
It is very easy to simply click “buy it now” and do so – without really feeling any consequences of the action or taking the time to think things through. By removing your credit cards from online accounts, that forces you to take out your credit card and deliberately enter all the information any time you want to make a purchase. This means you may think before you click, and you just might reconsider before you blow your budget.

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