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How to borrow $250 with Direct Deposit

Get direct deposit $250 loans from the comfort of your home using your phone or computer. We all need to borrow a small amount of money once in a while. We usually look for an easy way to get the funds because we do not want to waste a lot of time on such a small amount of money. The money can be transferred to your account by the next banking day.


What is Required to get a 250 Dollar Loan?

Is should not difficult to borrow $250. Complete a short application and know immediately if you have been approved. Sounds like what you're looking for? That's exactly what Cash King Co offers. We have a large network of lenders standing by to accept your application. We are an industry leader in getting people approved for small short term loans.

  1. Photo Identification
  2. Proof of Income, paycheck stub
  3. Proof of residence, utility bill or rental agreement
  4. Must be 18 Years Old

How Does the Direct Deposit Work?

Once you complete the application and click "Submit", we attempt to match you with one of our lenders that operates in your state and for the loan amount you have requested. If we are successful, you will receive a $250 installment loan offer that you can analyze and choose to accept or decline. If you accept the personal loan offer then you the funds will be transferred via ACH to your checking account, usually by the next business day. Your loan agreement should specify exactly when the money will be available to you.

$250 Short Term Loans are More Expensive Than Long Term Options

Direct lenders that offer $250 loans usually charge higher interest rates than other long term options your may find. Other options may include a line of credit on your home or a credit card. Short term lenders have to charge higher interest rates because if they didn't they would only make a couple bucks per loan and that's not enough to keep the lights on. It's just the way small loans work. So be sure the financing you accept is right for you before committing to any agreements.

250 Dollar Loan

Why Would Someone Borrow 250 Dollars?

You get home from work one evening and their is a cat at your front door. It won't stop meowing and is keeping you up. So finally, you get up and let the cat inside, give it a little warm milk and lock it in the bathroom for the night. It quiets down and you both get some needed rest. The next morning you call the local radio station and and put up some fliers around the neighborhood regarding the cat you found. A couple days go by and nobody has showed up to claim the feline. You contemplate taking it to the animal shelter but have kind of become fond of the critter. You make the decision to keep the cat and name it Marbles. Now you need to get setup with cat food, a bed, a few toys, cat litter, and oh yeah, Marbles needs to be fixed. That's just an example of how people run into a situation where they need $250 to cover small expenses.

Should I Choose a $250 Payday Loan or an Installment Loan?

When it comes to borrowing $250 the are a couple options. The most common you will find online are payday loans and installment loans. A payday advance will require you to pay the money back plus interest on your next payday. An installment loan allows you to extend the payments out a couple months. Many people prefer the installment loan option because of the flexibility offered by monthly payments. Our direct lenders offer installment loans.

Disclaimer: Cash King Co is not a lender. All terms are between you and the direct lender that chooses to offer you credit. 

$250 Loans From Direct Lenders