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$700 Loan Bad Credit

How to Apply for a $700 Loan

We make it easy to apply for a 700 dollar loan. Cash King Co has been around since two thousand seven and take pride in the fact we have helped thousands of people get financed even if they have sub par credit.

Our lenders look at other points like your job and how long you have been employed, instead of just your credit report. Get a bad credit loan by the next business day. We take applications 24 hours a day.

Borrow 700 Dollars Online Now

If you are looking for an installment loan for 700 dollars, we may be able to get you qualified. You will know almost instantly if you have been approved and we were able to match you with a lender for a small cash loan. If you could use a personal loan sent straight to your bank then apply here today.

What are my top options for a $700 loan?

When it comes to obtaining a smaller loan there are a few options you will want to take seriously. Here are are a few key points  you will want to consider during the loan application process.

  1. Loan Amounts
  2. Loan Types
  3. Interest Rates
  4. Origination Fees / Document Fees
  5. Length of the Loans - Short Term or Long Term
  6. Will My Credit Score Be An Issue?
  7. Loan Terms

Most financial instruments that allow you to borrow 700 dollars have higher interest rates than long term loans that are for larger amounts of money such as a home loan. Most short term loans are unsecured and therefore do not require collateral. Here are a few no collateral loan options.


Which Lender Should I Choose for a $700 Personal Loan?

Your correct financial avenue will be based on your own situation. The lowest interest rate will likely be from the credit union while the highest annual percentage rate will be from the payday loan or cash advance.

However, ease of obtaining the seven hundred dollar loan is near opposite. The credit union will likely want to see your credit score and online lenders offering signature loans, personal loans, installment loans, and payday loans will usually bypass your credit history.

Ways to Save Some Money:

Cook From Scratch More Often:
Though it can be tempting to grab that frozen waffles, cooking them up from scratch saves a great deal of money. Besides that, it’s healthier than the processed version, which likely has a ton of things in it that most people can’t even pronounce. Plan out your meals so that at least one item is made from scratch; once you have that handled, you can move up to two items, then three, and eventually you are making a whole meal for a much cheaper price. 


Never Buy New Clothes:
Why buy that sweater for fifty bucks when you can get it at the consignment shop for twenty or less? That’s one of the frugal things that many fashion-forward ladies have discovered, and it works very well with every type of clothing – for men, women, and yes, definitely for children. In fact, many new parents have found that newborn clothing is so rarely worn before a child grows out of it that there isn’t much point in buying the new stuff. Commit to choosing only clothing that has been gently used and watch your savings add up. This will help you avoid small loans.

Choose Creative Outdoor Entertainment:
One of the biggest money pits is entertainment. You might spend hundreds of dollars on just one outing for a family, including a movie, concessions, or a concert and a few memorabilia to go with it. Ditch all of that with family-friendly activities that get you outside and having fun. Many communities offer free movie nights, during which they show movies outside on a big screen – all you need is a lawn chair and snacks from home. Go hiking, plan a meal outside on the grill, or hit up the state park for more fun. How about kayaking?


Sell Stuff You Do Not Use:
How many things do you have lying around the house that you really don’t need? Now is the time to make good on their potential and sell them on Craigslist, eBay or even Amazon. Make sure they are in good condition before you put them up for sale. You can make a great deal of money by simply being willing to part with things that are taking up extra space in your home. Don’t want to deal with the computer to do all this? Have a blow-out yard sale when the weather is nice and sell all those items for dirt-cheap.

What if I have bad credit history, can I still get approved?

If something happened in your past that has derailed your credit and today you find yourself thinking "I really need to borrow $700 fast" we may still be able to get you approved. As we discussed earlier in the article, many financial institutions do not run a typical credit check when evaluating financing small amounts under $1000. Therefore, if you have poor credit you are still likely to get approved. Here are some items you will want to have available when you begin the application process.

Cutting a few corner like the ones mentioned above can help stretch your monthly income and possibly help you avoid needing a $700 signature loan in the future. We wish you stress free finances and a happy life :)

I'm stuck in a never-ending debt cycle. What should I do?

If you have done everything you can and still can not get free of a debt cycle, you can contact a debt counseling service to get you get clear of your debt problems. Here are some options.

$700 Cash Loans