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We are open 24 hours a day to help you get approved. Get up to $1000 signature loan unsecured or even more depending on your state of residence and your monthly income. No hard credit check, which means from one of the 3 big credit bureaus**. If life has you in a tight spot and you could use $1000 unsecured.

Cash King Co may be able to match you with a lender and have money in your account by the next business day. The signature loans are unsecured installment loans with up to 9 months to repay. Unsecured meaning no collateral is required. Your signature is your collateral.

Online Loans Up to $50,000    

Cash King is a trusted authority online for cash loans. Same day loan approvals from trusted direct lenders.

Advantages of a Short Term Unsecured Loan:

There are plenty of advantages that come with a no hard credit check loan in unsecured installment format. For starters, they typically come with lower interest rates than payday loans. The advantage with 1200 dollar cash advance is that you don’t have to worry about your interest getting accumulated. As long as you make your loan repayments on time, the interest keeps diminishing. If you need $1000 or more and want and unsecured loan apply here today. The monthly payments consist of interest and principal. If you need a loan anytime 24 hours a day, apply with us.

Now, not all lenders may offer a lower interest rate. Please read any loan agreement thoroughly and make sure it is right for you before accepting. Another key benefit with short term no hard credit check loans is that you may avoid future troubles. Let’s face it – none of know what’s going to happen in the distant future. We may have plans, but, we really do not always decide what is going to happen. So, you don’t want to take a long term loan and commit to something that’ll probably take over 2 decades to finish.

A short term loan is relatively more predictable. You know you have to get done with it in a year or so. A year is a short time and hopefully everything stays on track within such a short period, which gives you some level of control over your payments. You can even get a late night loan by applying here. Finally, knowing exactly what your payments will be and exactly when they will be finished, takes away some of that unnecessary stress. 

Some Money Ideas:

1.Get to Work - Even if you are not thrilled with your current job or feel like you deserve a better job. Your current job will still pay you more than no job at all. So get out of bed and get to your job. Continue to pursue other options on the side until you find the job that is right for your. But going any period of time with no job is stressful and difficult.

2. Avoid High Interest Credit Cards - Do not let credit card companies push you around. If you happened to miss a payment call them up and explain it was a one time thing and will not happen in the future. Generally, they will drop the late fee and the higher interest if you have been a good customer. If not, Get a new credit card and close out the one with the high interest rate. Would a $200 cash advance loan make a difference to your months expenses?

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*Money can only be transferred to your account on business days. So if you apply on a normal business day the money will likely be in your account by the next business day. If you apply the weekend or a holiday you will have to wait until the next business day to receive funds.

**A hard credit check meaning from one of the the big 3 credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax and will not impact your credit score.

CashKingCo is not a lender. You must be 18 to apply. Please use short term credit responsibly. Laws in your state may impact the amount of money you are able to borrow, if at all. If we are able to match you with a lender you will have the option to review the loan agreement and accept or decline the offer. 

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