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Unsecured Loan Online | $100 - $50,000

Unsecured loan with no hard credit check. Installment payments from 2-12 month terms. Cash King Co is one of the few websites that helps you get an unsecured loan with equal monthly payment options.

Who Offers Unsecured Personal Loans Online?

Our network of lenders make the application and approval process easy. Just Apply below and you should know in seconds if we were able to match you with a lender. Money can be sent to your account by the next business day.

No Hard Credit Check

Our lenders do not run a hard credit check, meaning from one of the big 3 credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. They may pull a consumer specific check but it will not impact your credit score.

What Does an Unsecured Loan Mean?

An unsecured loan means there is no collateral involved in securing the financing. As opposed to secured loans that require collateral in the form of real property.

There has been a proliferation of small short term loans for people with bad credit in recent years, based primarily on the difficult economy. Most commonly referred to as no collateral or unsecured signature loans, they are sometimes payday loans and cash loans.

This proliferation is troubling to many people, and some people want to stop them altogether, because of what they call exploitation, especially in light of the high interest rates and sometimes difficult loan terms featured in some loan contracts.

Short Term Financing Online

The key things to remember about unsecured loans is that they’re small and they’re “short term.” To a person facing financial disaster, such unsecured short-term loans can be a blessing.

They are generally more interest than secured loans but making these loans is high risk for the lenders and we all know that a high risk loan is forced to carry a higher interest rate simply to cover the higher default rate of borrowers.

Can I Get an Unsecured Loan with Bad Credit?

Short-term small loans fill a very important niche in the economy. These services are usually provided  working class people with a legitimate need for a relatively small amount of money, and they have no other way to get it.

Often, there are no mainstream financial services available where they live and work, but even if there were, mainstream financial institutions simply don’t provide services in small amounts. Big banks are simply not making small loans available to anyone, especially higher risk individuals.


For millions of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck and are trying to pay their bills, these unsecured installment loans are a necessary resource.

Imagine living on very little money and your boss cuts your hours for a week or two just before you have to pay the rent or the mortgage. Imagine you have a car, and you can barely afford to fill it with gas; what happens when something breaks down, and you need a few hundred dollars to fix it? Suppose a child falls and breaks an arm, and you don’t have health insurance; what do you do when the bill comes?

There are many people out there without access to a friend or relative capable of loaning them a few hundred dollars when it’s needed. Short term installment lenders offer a way out for people who feel like they have no way out. This is why no hard credit checks is so important.

How to Get an Unsecured Loan

An unsecured installment lender may allow virtually anyone with a job and a checking account present proper identification and get a small loan, usually up to $2000, with the promise to pay the money back over multiple payments over the coming 6 to 9 months.

In most cases the borrower may give the lender access to his checking account and the borrower may simply take an electronic transfer for the amount.

Cash King Co is not a lender. Must be 18 years old to apply. Please use short term credit responsibly and look at multiple options before deciding on financing.