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Top 10 Tips to Sell Your Car for Top Dollar

Financial reports show that the primary reason for people to sell their cars is increasing family needs. For example, it includes having a baby, children growing up, or college expenses. Some people sell their vehicles because they need money to pay off their debts. Here are the top ten tips for selling your vehicle for top dollar. Read on!

  1. Know Your Cars Value

Before you sell your car, make sure you know its value. You can find a variety of valuation tools online that can help you calculate the market price of the car. Some tools, such as the Kelley Blue Book, allows you to compare car prices.

  1. Define your objective

It is essential to define your objective. For example, if you need urgent money, then you should lower your car’s price. In contrast, if you are not in a hurry, you can sell your car on sites like eBay, where you can find higher paying customers.

  1. Take Quality Photos

If you are selling your car online, make sure you click some quality photos of the exterior, interior, and the car’s engine. You don’t need to use a high-quality and expensive camera, but you have to click some good photos that accurately show the condition of your car.

  1. Clean Your Car

Before you click photos or put your car on the selling list online, experts recommend cleaning your car—clean and wax your car’s exterior, which includes wheels and tires. Make a homemade scrub by mixing some baking soda and water and use it to clean tires. You can use a soft cloth to clean the seats of your car.

  1. List extensively

There are many websites where you can put the ad of your car, such as cars.com eBay local, auto-trader, and Facebook. It is essential to write an accurate description and upload authentic photos. You can even spend a few dollars on promoting your car in the search results, which will help you get exposure to many buyers.

  1. Respond promptly

You can get a quick sale if you respond promptly to the email or call of buyers. It is imperative to respond appropriately and professionally. Otherwise, buyers will contact other sellers, and thus you can miss some high paying potential buyers.

  1. Prepare paperwork

Having proper documents is important while selling your car. A potential buyer will take an interest in the paperwork. Get all the paperwork in order and organize the documents accurately. Make sure you show the buyer “full-service history” of your car. It will benefit you in boosting your car value.

  1. Repair your car

Repair your car if it has any issues. If you skip this step, it will decrease the value of your car. For example, if your car has issues in the engine, take it to the mechanic and get it repaired before you list it online.

  1. Negotiate professionally

Before you start marketing your car, decide the minimum amount of money you want for it. A buyer will most probably try to negotiate for lowering the price. If you think the price is according to your needs, then sell it. Otherwise, you can negotiate with another buyer.

  1. Don’t accept checks

Nowadays, people are involved in fraudulent activities. While selling your car, don’t accept checks. Ask the buyer to pay you in cash and make sure the buyer pays you before you transfer the car ownership.

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