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Kansas Cash Advance | Loans Up to $500

Get a cash advance in Kansas for up to $500. Get money in your account by next business day. Know in seconds if you are going to receive an installment loan offer from one of our direct lenders serving KS. From Wichita to Topeka to Manhattan. If you could use a 500 dollar cash loan then apply with us today. We go to work for you and try to get you approved.

How Do I Get a Cash Advance in Kansas?

There are many options available if you are looking for a small loan prior to your next payday. You could visit a local payday advance store in your area, if you live in an area where these stores exist. You could ask a friend or family member to cover you until payday. You could just apply with us and we will try to find a trusted cash advance company to make you a loan offer.

Can I Get a Cash Advance the Same Day?

If you want a cash advance the same day in Kansas you will need to visit a local finance company. They can get you cash the same day. Online lenders need to transfer the money to your account and this usually takes one business day. Online lenders will direct deposit the money overnight into your checking account.

Monthly Payments Available

Many of the lenders in our network offer installment monthly payments. This is different than most payday loan companies. Installment loans spread your payments out over several months to reduce the burden of the payments.

Traditional Loan Options Available in Kansas

Here are a few traditional lenders that serve residents of Kansas. You may be able to get a cheaper loan with one of the finance institutions. They will have own loan terms and conditions that must be met. Contact them prior visiting so you know their requirements.

Meritrust Credit Union

2900 S Oliver St
Wichita, KS
(316) 683-1199 

Legacy Bank

3711 N Ridge Rd
Wichita, KS
(316) 260-3711

Kaw Valley Bank

1110 N Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS
(785) 232-6062

Alliance Bank

3001 SW Wanamaker Rd
Topeka, KS
(785) 271-1800

Commerce Bank

727 Poyntz Ave
Manhattan, KS
(800) 453-2265

Landmark National Bank

701 Poyntz Ave
Manhattan, KS
(785) 565-2000

Bad Credit Loans in KS - How Does it Work?

Borrow a signature loan in Kansas. One of the most productive agricultural states producing everything from corn to wheat to sorghum. If your bank account is not producing the way you need it to we can help you get qualified for up to $500. You can still get a loan in KS even with bad credit.

Cash Advance in Kansas from Trusted Lenders

You could get a cash advance in Kansas with just a few clicks of your mouse. If your credit is bad you can still get approved for a short term loan. We have all been in a situation where out credit has suffered from either a medical bill, credit card, or an upside down mortgage in the housing crash. We are not worried about why your credit history is bad, we just want to help you get money to stabilize your bank account. If you live in Kansas then give us a chance to find you a direct lender.

What is Required to get a Cash Advance in Kansas?

The good new is that it generally takes very little time or documentation to get a quick cash advance. It is one of the fastest and easiest forms of credit available. Items you will need to complete the application:

  1. A checking account from a reputable bank or credit union.
  2. Government issued photo Id that is not expired.
  3. A reliable monthly income that is enough to cover any debts you have.
  4. A residential address in the state of Kansas.

Get an online cash advance in Kansas for up to $500.

Money Saving Ideas From Cash King Company

Keep more cash in your hands, here's a few ideas that might help.

1. Cut Back on Your Vices
Vices are never good for you, that's why they are called as such because they are not needs but wants of the physical body. Smoking, drinking, even shopping can be a vice. These are things that are unnecessary, but you tend to do it every day, or most of the time while costing you money in the process.

Count how much you are spending on a stick of cigarette and how much you consume every day and you may come to see that in a month's time, you spend probably a bulk of your money on these cigarette sticks which could, eventually, end your life earlier. 

2. Book Trips Early - Look For Deals
If you are a traveler for work or for fun, you might want to book your flights a few months early to save on ticket prices. A lot of airlines are seeing the benefit of having seat sales a few months or even a year early.

These sales come in handy when you are planning a vacation of a trip out of town for some R and R. Make sure you watch out for announcements on seats that are sold at 50% off of its price or even lower. Usually, it's only on a limited time and limited seat offer so hurry up and book early.

Do Lots Of “Freezer Cooking.”
How often do you come home starving and simply don’t want to put forth the energy to cook? It’s take-out or delivery to the rescue, and you just dropped forty bucks or more on a meal for the family.

Save that money by cooking big when you do cook. When you make a casserole for your family, make enough to create two of them, and freeze one of them. Do this often enough and soon you may have plenty of freezer meals ready to pop in the oven on those nights when the last thing you want to do is hang out in the kitchen.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses For Taxes.
If you have a mortgage and other expenses, chances are your interest might put you into the “itemized deductions” category when you file your taxes. If that’s the case, make sure that you have plenty of deductions to include.

The IRS may want to see receipts, so keep receipts for everything from medical bills to donations. Though you might not be able to use all of it, having it on hand means that you have the opportunity to try, and that could mean major savings down the line.

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a form of short term credit that is expensive. You should only use short term credit occasionally and pay it off as fast as you can. This is not a long term solution to financial trouble. Review all options available to you prior to accepting any loan offers. 

Cash Advance Loans in Kansas $500

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