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5 Best Cheap Air Conditioners under $100

Running an air conditioner reduces heat and humidity in your home. It can lower the number of environmental allergens and pollutants, such as mold, mildew, and pollen, which can lead to various respiratory disorders.

It is no surprise to tell you that HVAC systems are expensive, and you can’t buy such a product under $100. However, advanced technology has enabled companies to develop portable air conditioners that come under $100. In today’s article, we will talk about the 5 best cheap portable air conditioners. Read on!

  1. BRIZER Glacier Portable Air Conditioner ($59)

BRIZER Glacier is one of the best portable ACs that will transform your warm personal space into a cozier and comfortable environment. The product is best when it comes to air circulation in closely confined areas. It is an easy-to-use air conditioner, and you can use the USB port or power bank to operate it. You must fill the water tank to produce cool air.

  1. SHSTFD Portable Air Conditioner ($33)

SHSTFD is another best portable air conditioner that comes at an affordable price. You can use the product as a little fan, and when you fill the tank with ice water, it will produce cool air. Keep in mind that the product will not cool the entire room. However, it will cool your personal space. The portable air conditioner does not consume a lot of electricity.

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  1. RAINBEAN Portable Air Conditioner ($55)

RAINBEAN is a multi-function air conditioner that will cool your personal space. If you can’t afford a high-end air conditioner or HVAC system, then it is a better choice for you. The reason is that RAINBEAN is energy-efficient and will perfectly cool, purify, and moisturize your personal space. It evaporates the water from the tank to produce cold air.

  1. LISOPO Portable Air Conditioner ($49)

LISOPO is an affordable air conditioner for personal use. You can use it as a fan and humidifier in closed confining areas. It has an ultrasonic atomization technology, which performs water atomization to increase air humidity. The cool air will moisturize your skin and keep the environment clean in your personal space. One of the best options under 50 dollars.

The exciting feature of the LISOPO portable air conditioner is its portable and wireless design. It is equipped with a 2000mAH built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can work for up to five hours.

  1. Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner ($30)

Mikikin portable air conditioner is best for personal use. The product eliminates hot air around you and produces cool air that will help you sleep sound. Mikikin, unlike others, does not produce noise in the personal space and maintains a cozier environment. Make sure you use ice water to keep the air cool. Not only can you use it as a portable AC, but you can also use the product as a humidifier and desk fan.

Final Words

A portable AC is a self-contained system, which is best for cooling single rooms or personal spaces. Typically, such a product sits on the floor, and you can set it up quickly using the installation kit that comes with it.

You can also find some models that come with wheels so that you can move it from one room to another. In this article, we have mentioned the most affordable models that you can use to make your personal space more comfortable.

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