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How to Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating your salary can get you a lot more income over the long haul. Before you accept the job offer, it is important to negotiate your salary because research shows that it increases the amount people earn at that job and in the future. In today’s article, we will give a few tips that will help you negotiate your salary in the right way. Start making more money today. Read on!

Understand the offer

Before you accept the job offer, it is essential to think about your experience and skills and whether or not they are worth more than you have been offered. Experts recommend asking the company about the offer and how they came to it. It is always a great way to make sure all your experiences and skills are considered. However, if they are not, then it is time to counter.

For example, if you are up for employment and had at least 3-5 internships in a similar position, it means you have mastered entry-level skills. So, compared to other candidates who have applied to the same job, you have more valuable experience, which means you don’t need basic training and ready to go. Therefore, you must negotiate your salary with the HR team.

Negotiate at the right time

Understanding how to negotiate your salary is a matter of when to do so. If you have given multiple interviews and you feel like the job is yours, but the company has not offered you the job formally, don’t try to negotiate your salary.

Learn how to negotiate a better salary

You should wait until you have the offer in hand, and at the same time, you know your benefits package, then you should start negotiating it. The benefits and offers are most often communicated to you by the Human Resource personnel.

At this point, if you believe that you should make a higher salary, then present your case based on your skills, potential, education, and work experience. It is the right time to negotiate your salary with the HR team.

Practice your salary pitch

Like the elevator pitch, the salary pitch goes more smoothly when you practice it. Remember, this is where your employment squad comes in, which means you can practice it with your parents, friends, and roommates.

After you have done thorough research on comparable salaries, it is time to focus on your negotiation skills. Experts say that the career service office is the best place where you can practice your salary pitch.

Don’t disclose your current salary

Many companies will ask you about your current salary. Also, they may want to know about your expected salary at the start of your job interview. Remember, this is a tactic used by companies to know your salary expectations and most of the time, they will disguise it in the form of interview questions.

So, when such a question comes up, it means you are getting to the next phase of the interview. Remember, you can’t skip this question, and like other interview questions, you have to answer this one too. Try to act smartly and do your best to avoid disclosing your expected or current salary.

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