California Installment Loans

California installment loans with no hard credit check. Whether you have great credit or bad credit and need money in your account quickly, we can make it happen.

How to Get Personal Loans in California

We attempt match you with a lender so you do not have to complete multiple applications on multiple websites. Five minute application with high approval rates. Payments can be spread over 2 to 9 months. Our lenders do not check your FICO credit report with the 3 big credit bureaus.

Personal Loan No Credit Check $500 - $2500

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CA Online Installment Loans vs Payday Loans

Most people in California prefer an installment loan over a payday loan. Installment loans give you a long term financing option and usually lower interest rates. You also may qualify for a higher loan amount because of the California laws regarding payday loans. With a payday loan the full amount is due with your paycheck and your are required to pay off your loan in full.

What Other Short Term Credit Options are Available in California?

There are many loan products that you could take advantage of in California.

  1. Credit Unions - Visit your local credit union to discuss their personal installment loan options. Most all credit unions will have some for of unsecured financing available.

  2. Banks - Ask about their unsecured credit services and speak with one of their personal bankers.

  3. Pawn Shops - Always a good option as long as you have something to leave at the store as collateral that is worth some cash.

  4. Peer-to-Peer Lending - Now you can borrow money online from regular folks just like you. Google P2P Lending and check out the results.

What if My Credit Score is Really Poor?

As long as you apply for a small California installment loan your credit history will likely not be an issue. At least not your FICO score. Direct Lenders in our network do not check your FICO score.

What are the laws for short term loans in California?

You will want to visit the California department of Business Oversight to get the information on deferred deposit transaction law.

What are the terms of the installment loan?

All installment loans in California are governed by California financing law. All lenders in our network are required to abide by these laws. Cash King Co is not able to quote you loan terms, interest rates, or due dates because we are not a licensed lender in CA. All terms are between you and the lender that may make you a short term credit offer.

California Installment Loans Online

California Money Saving Tips

1. Eat Better and Healthier

Yes, yes, that means skipping sweets and chowing down on those veggies! I won’t waste much time on this tip—most of us know we should be eating better and how to go about it. In the long run, treating your body well with proper diet and exercise can save you a ton of money. Not only does it help you live longer and save you money on medical bills, it can also be cheaper when you buy fruits and vegetable.

Some of the best produce in the world comes from California. Enjoy some of the local fruits and veggies and get away from the fast food joints. Even though places like In-N-Out Burger are tasty and a California staple. The less you eat there the more your body will thank you.

2. Get Plenty of Quality Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to good health, and most of us don’t get our recommended 8-10 hours. To ensure your body is rested and ready to fight off infection, invest in a comfortable bed and set aside a healthy portion of your day to spend sleeping in it. Sometimes much easier said than done. But try and relax before bed either with a book, cup of tea, or meditation. Maybe add some white noise to your bedroom with a fan or small fountain.

3. Go With the Generic Option

What a generic tip. If you need to take medication, ask your doctor to prescribe a generic version. Generics often cost significantly less than name brands while treating the same symptoms in the same way. Almost everything on the store shelves also have a generic equivalent that is very similar. So whether you are at California staples like Trader Joe's or Ralph's check out the generic options before making your purchase. You may even find you like them better.

California Personal Loans with Direct Deposit

Applying for a personal loan in California with installment payments will not hurt your credit score. The application will not even show up on your normal credit report. Other factors go into the application process with our lenders.

Cash King Co is not a lender. Please use short term credit responsibly. Must be 18 in CA to apply.

California is a great place to live. But if you cash is running out it can be very stressful. Let us help you get money back in your bank account.