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Lots of people usually marginalize APR as interest rate alone but that isn’t the case alone. Interest rate is limited to just how much you pay in interest for a loan. However, APR is the amalgamation of costs and fees all together. It is important to look at the two in separate terms. One good thing about annual percentage rate is that it offers you the golden opportunity to compare loans and see which one offers you the best deal possible. In most usual circumstances, the lower the annual percentage rate, the better the loan offer. But there are scenarios where lower APR doesn’t portend best loan offer. There are some mortgages loans where having a lower APR doesn’t give you any special advantage because you might end up racking of ridiculous charges before finalizing the whole deal.

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Whenever you take loan from bank or any lending institution, you are customarily expected to be making payment every month until your loan is fully paid for. Your monthly payment to the institution that lends you the money covers both payments for the principal amount and the interest rate. The monthly payment remains unaltered but the amount that goes toward principal and interest rate payment can change as you progress with making payments. However, there are APR’s that may remain consistent throughout payment period unless certain obligations are tempered with. Annual percentage rate can either be fixed APR or variable APR.

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