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$1000 Emergency Loan with Monthly Payments

Get a $1000 emergency loan from your computer or smart phone. Equal monthly payments to help you budget your upcoming payments. If you could use one thousand dollars fast and need answers fast then we may be able to get you approved with a direct lender in just minutes.

Where Can I Get an Emergency Loan?

We have over 50 lenders standing by to process your emergency loan application. If we can match you with a lender you will receive a loan offer in just seconds. 

If you receive a loan offer then you can review the terms and documents and decide if the loan is right for you. If it is then you can accept the loan offer. If you do not like the terms then you can decline the loan offer and you will have no further obligation.

Cash King is a trusted authority online for cash loans. Same day loan approvals from trusted direct lenders.

Direct Deposit Funds To Your Account

If you find yourself in a spot where you could use a $1000 emergency loan then Cash King Co may be a useful resource. We help people find lenders everyday all over the country. We have a relationships with lenders that lend large amounts, small amounts, to good credit, and poor credit.

We are generally very successful getting people approved because of our large network of direct lenders. You can get a no obligation free quote by just completing the application above.

Ways to Save Money and Keep More In Your Account

1. Share Some of Your Meals
This is especially true if you’re not a big eater. Most restaurants serve over-large portions that a person really shouldn’t try eating on their own. When I go out with friends, I always offer to share a plate with someone and split the cost. This also works great if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a certain goal. Fewer calories is always better. So not only are you doing a solid for your wallet but also your belt.


2. Sign Up For Store Rewards Cards
By this, I DO NOT mean store credit cards, which I believe you should avoid at all costs. I’m referring instead to the little rewards cards you can look up with your phone number and that hang on your key chain. Usually, these cards come at no cost to you and can help you accrue some serious savings. If trying a new store, or if you haven’t already asked your regular haunt, approach an employee and ask if they offer a store card for their customers.

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3. Buy Used Items
Seriously. Never buy a new car. Ever. Yes, buying used comes with certain risks, but if you purchase from a reputable dealership and do your research, most of those risks are negligible. Buying a new car, despite being a normal thing for people to do, is one of the most ludicrous financial mistakes you can make.

Really, as soon as you drive a new car of the lot, it loses an immense portion of its value. In almost all cases, you will immediately owe more on the car than the car is actually worth. By buying used, you can mitigate this problem. Used cars cost less and often are perfectly reliable. Some even retain portions of their original warranties. You can also buy used clothes, tools, sports equipment, appliances and all kinds of things. Craigslist.org is a great place to start.


4. Turn Off Air Conditioning
If the weather is mild, open windows and use fans to regulate the temperature of your home. A/C units are another type of power-hungry appliance and should be used sparingly to save money. Especially in the spring and the fall. Leave your air conditioning off unless it is smoldering. It will naturally cool off in the evening and will be chilly in the morning. Learn More

How Fast Can I Get an Emergency Loan with Direct Deposit?

If you need a 1000 emergency loan with direct deposit, you could have funds as soon as the next business day.

These loans are cash installment loans and offer equal monthly payments. If we can match you with a lender you will almost immediately receive a loan offer. We take great pride is helping hard working Americans with their financial needs.

Disclaimer: Cash King Co is not a lender. Must be 18 to apply. All loan terms are between you and the direct lender.

Thomas J. Moore
Short Term Lending Writer
Updated January 7, 2021

1000 Emergency Loan

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