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Bad Credit Loans in Georgia (GA)

Bad credit loans in Georgia without having to leave your house. Poor credit loans can be approved online and sent direct to your checking account. This is not a payday loan, there are installment loans with equal monthly payments.

Installment Loans are the Preferred Payday Loan Alternative

The Peach State can be an incredible place to live but when it comes to low credit lenders, sometimes Georgia can be a difficult place to get approved. That's where we can help with a large network of lenders that do not check your credit score. If you need a loan ASAP and live in Georgia, we want try to help you get approved for a personal loan.

Cash King is a trusted authority online for cash loans. Same day loan approvals from trusted direct lenders.

Online Installment Loans for Georgia Residents with Bad Credit?

If you need to borrow money in GA but your credit score is bad we may still be able to get you approved for an installment loan up to $50,000. We work with over 50 lenders all across the nation to get people approved even when they think their credit score is too low. Here are some of the loan amounts being offered in Georgia.

Can I Get Approved Online with No Faxing?

There usually is no faxing required during the application process in Georgia. All verification can be completed digitally. No more running around town trying to find a Kinkos.

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What is required to get a GA installment loan?

In order to be approved for an installment loan in Georgia you will need to complete the loan application above. If you are approved you will receive a loan offer from one of our direct lenders. Your credit score will not be a part of the application process and will not affect your score. Here are a few items you may want to have available when you start the application.

Benefits of an online installment loan

  1. Fast and convenient approval process - only takes minutes
  2. Installment loans are easier to get approved for, especially if you have ad credit.
  3. Minimal documentation required to get approved.
  4. Funds can be sent direct to your checking account.


What is the interest rate on a personal loan in Georgia?

Personal installment loans have a higher interest rate than traditional loans that are backed by collateral, such as a home mortgage. For these small cash loans you can expect to pay anywhere from 20% up to 300%+.

This all depends on your application and which lender decides to offer you a loan. If have the option to review any loan offer before committing to the loan agreement. So if you get an offer you are not thrilled with then you can decline and look for a different loan. 

Tips to Improve Your Bad Credit Score and Increase Your Chances of Getting a Loan Online

Credit isn't one of those things that we're taught about growing up. In fact, it's probably not something that you will think about until you need it. So it might come as a surprise when you go to apply for a car loan and find out that you have a bad credit score. It's nothing to be ashamed about, most people have less than perfect credit, but it is important to work on making it stronger. Keep in mind that there is no quick way to do this, your credit is based on years of past behavior.

There are things that you can to to help build your credit.

1. Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

It's important to actually know what your credit report looks like. You can obtain this a number of different ways. You can get one free one a year or use a credit check service, which you can also find for free.

You should check your credit report often so you know exactly what's on it and where you need to improve. Learn more about getting your credit report in Georgia.

2. Make Sure It's Accurate

Once you get your report make sure everything that's on there is yours. The FTC says that 20 percent of people have something on their credit report that isn't accurate.

You can report inaccuracies to the credit agencies. If it shows up on all three reports then you need to report it to all three.

Your credit score is based on the things that are within your report, you don't want to be paying for someone else's mistakes. Even if the mistakes on your report aren't negative, you want to make sure that the credit report reflects your true credit score.

3. Make Payments on Time

This one might seem a little obvious, but it has one of the biggest impacts on your credit score. Around 35 percent of your credit score is based on your payment history. Because of this, the first and best way to help fix your bad credit score is to simply make your payments when they are actually due.

This helps creditors see that you are willing to pay back your debts. If you haven't done a good job of doing this so far, it's not too late. The longer you make your payments on time the more your credit score will go up. If you receive a GA installment loan you will want to be sure to budget for the payments. 


After being on time for a few months call your credit card company or bank to see if they would be willing to forgive the late payments. The longer you have been on time the more likely they are to forgive them.

4. Don't Max Out Your Credit Cards

This a mistake most people make, they get a credit card and just start swiping. Maxing out your cards will drop your credit score quickly. The higher your debt to income ratio is the more you are going to have to work on your bad credit score. As a rule of thumb, you should only be using around 20-25 percent of your available credit.

You could owe the same amount of money as someone who has more cards, and your score would be worst. This goes back to the ratio, you want to make sure that you stay within that percentage range to keep a healthy credit score. This doesn't mean just go out and open a bunch of new credit cards. It might seem like an easy fix, but credit length is also important so doing that can negatively affect you. The best way to deal with your credit card debt is to just pay it down. Even if you can only make smaller payments something is better than nothing.

If you need to get a credit card while you still have a bad credit score, you can consider getting a secured credit card.

5. Set up Auto Pay

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you pay your bills on time is to set up automatic payments. If you set up auto pay for everything then the payments will come right out of your account when you need them to. The only thing about auto pay it that you will have to be more careful with your spending because that money is going to come out regardless of what's in your account.

Everyone hates overdraft fees. If you don't think you can keep track, one you should work on your budgeting, and two you can set up reminders in your phone. This can also be helpful for the bills that you have that you can't have on auto pay.

If you receive a bad credit loan in Georgia the payments will be setup on an auto pay schedule.

6. Don't Get Sent to Collections

We already talked about how bad late payments are - going to collections is the worst version of that. If you miss too many payments your creditor will sell your debt to someone else. When you go into collections it's a huge negative impact on your credit. That negative mark will stay on your credit for seven years, even after you pay off your debt. 

Once you get to collections, a lot of times you can negotiate with the collection agency and pay a lump sum that is less than your original debt. If you're not able to do that then you can set up payment with them to stop more negative marks from being added to your credit score.

If you set up a lump sum payment, make sure you get the agreement in writing.

Stay Motivated - Fix your Bad Credit Score

We know that fixing a bad credit score isn't fun, and it can take a while to do. You have to keep yourself motivated to keep building it. 

Remember, your credit didn't get like this overnight and it won't get fixed overnight either. Don't get discouraged, every point is one that you have worked hard for and gets you closer to good credit. If you're looking for more advice or have specific questions, contact us. We're more than happy to help you along your way.

Cities in Georgia where the most people are getting approved for poor credit loans

Atlanta |  Augusta | Columbus | Macon | Savannah | Athens | Sandy Springs | Roswell | Johns Creek | Warner Robins | Albany | Alpharetta | Marietta | Smyrna | Valdosta

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