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Cash Advance

Get a cash advance now with instant approval from the comfort of your home using just your phone or computer. Apply now and you could be approved for a cash advance in the next couple minutes. Fast and secure online application. Know immediately if you have been approved.

Cash Advance From $100-$1000

Cash King is a trusted authority online for $100-$1000 cash loans. Same day loan approvals from trusted direct lenders. 

What is The Meaning of a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a form of short term credit. They have higher interest rates than traditional loans and usually do not require the borrower to have a high credit score. These short term loans can range from a $100 loan to a $1000 cash advance and usually need to be paid back with your following paycheck.

There is no collateral required, your word or signature is your collateral. Some cash advances can be renewed or extended depending on your state of residence and the lenders terms.

Can I Get a Cash Advance With Bad Credit?

Yes you can get a cash advance with bad credit. Most loan companies that offer short term credit like a payday loan or payday advance do not check your FICO score. Therefore, you credit score with the big 3 credit bureaus is not a factor in the lending decision.

If you do not payoff the loan and the money goes into collections, the write-off could show up on your credit report and hurt your credit score. You can still qualify for bad credit loans regardless of your past financial history. If a $300 cash advance would make a difference in your life, apply with Cash King today.

What is Required to Get a Cash Advance Online?

Here is what you will need to be considered for a cash advance from an online lender.

Get Cash 24 Hours A Day 365

We are always online and open to assist you with whatever short term cash crunch you may find yourself in. You could be approved 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 364 days on leap year. We do have more lenders active during the week days than on weekends. But you can still get approved either way.

How to get a cash advance online. Know the loan terms and interest rate.

Who Offers a Cash Advance Now Online?

If you want to get a cash loan fast online with instant approval, then you can apply with us. We have a large network of lenders that attempt to get you approved. If we are successful you will receive up to a $1000 emergency loan offer that you can choose to accept or decline. There is no obligation to accept any offers. Choose only a respectable financing offer that fits your budget.

How Does an Online Advance Work?

Here's the basic outline of how the online loan process works:

  1. Complete the application with honest and truthful information.
  2. We attempt to match you with a lender that matches your application.
  3. If we find a lender, you will receive a cash advance offer almost immediately after submitting the application.
  4. You review the credit offer, if you like it you accept it. If you do like the offer then you decline it.
  5. If you accept, then the money is send via ACH to your account on the following business day.
  6. Payments are usually scheduled to be debited from this same bank account when due.

This is the general outline and each lender has their own terms and conditions that you will want to review prior to accepting any cash advance offers.

Why Do People Choose Short Term Credit?

Short term credit is quick and convenient, which is the main reason people choose this financial instrument. Borrowing has been around since humans have been on the earth. When people need to borrow something, in this case money, whoever lends it to them asks for the item to be returned and something extra to benefit the lender for taking the risk of loaning in the first place.

Example: A man needs to borrow a hammer and goes to neighbors to inquire about the tool. His neighbor has a hammer and is willing to let the man borrow it but asks that he return the hammer when he is finished and bring him a soda. The soda is the interest the neighbor has charged for letting the man borrow his hammer.

How Much Would a Cash Advance Cost?

A $100-$1000 cash advance is more expensive than a home mortgage or an automobile loan. This is because the two latter loans have collateral attached to them that the lender can reposes if the borrower does not make payments. With a cash loan this is not an option. There is not collateral for the lender to fall back on if payments on not made.

A borrower can expect to pay at least 36% APR on an $800 cash advance and possibly up to several hundred percent, depending on the lender and when the loan is due. 300- 800% APR is not uncommon, which sounds extreme but let's take a look at the numbers to see how this interest rate is determined.

Where can you get a cash advance with direct deposit?

Cash Advance Interest Rate Example

Let's say Sally wants to get a $500 cash advance until her next paycheck, which is one week from today, 7 days. Her lender charges a fee of $15 per one hundred borrowed. So the interest that will need to be paid is $75, $15 per $100 on a $500 loan. When her paycheck arrives she will need to pay $575 to the lender. Most people think a $75 fee to borrow $500 is not that bad. However, if you figure the APR on the loan it can look much different.

With the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) we have to figure the financing over the course of an entire year, 365 days. In this case we would take 365/7, because she borrowed the money for 7 days, this equals 52.14. So the 15 percent or $75, that the lender charged her to borrow $500, now needs to be multiplied by 52.14, which comes out to 782.1% APR! So you can see how the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can seem extreme on short term credit, but is simple terms, Sally paid $75 to borrow $500.

Can I Get a Cash Advance Online?

Yes you get get approved for a cash advance loan online. Millions of Americans use the internet to fulfill their short term cash needs. Many people find it much easier and less hassle. Plus you can shop most of the lenders in the United States instead of being limited by the subprime lenders in your city or town.

Finance websites will have an application that you need to complete accurately. After you complete the application, you will either be approved or declined. If you are approved, you should immediately receive a payday advance offer, which you can choose to accept or decline.

Is a Cash Advance Legal Where I Live?

Most states allow payday loans or a cash advances. Some states put limits on how much a loan company can charge. Lenders you are considering should be licensed in your state if it required by the Department of Finance. Some loan companies that are owned by Native American Tribes can avoid state laws because of their sovereign nation status. In this case, they may charge higher rates than your state legally allows.

Make Good Cash Decisions

Only you know if a cash advance is right for you. If you would like to apply with Cash King Company, we would be happy to help you and try to find you a lender. The process is very quick and convenient. You will know directly after submitting the application if you have been approved. Our lenders are safe and trusted.

If you believe a cash advance is not in your best interest, there are other ways to obtain funding that may be cheaper and more to your liking.

Need a Cash Advance Loan Online?

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